After Vinitaly…

So we have covered Vinitaly, which was days spent sacrificing ourselves tasting wine accompanied by Taralli, Italian biscuits, or Salami or anything else to absorb the wine (you are supposed to spit the wine out… but let’s say that I didn’t want to risk getting my shirt dirty!)

Living in Puglia, about as far South as it is possible to go in Italy, it was best to make the most of our trip to Vinitaly in Verona. So what do you do? A short dive to Venice before facing the 9 hour drive back the following day to Sunny Puglia. Fortunately we had great weather and were able to wonder the streets, those that there are, of Venice…

A handy tip for anybody traveling by car to Venice, you can park at the airport for just 5.50 euros a day and take the water taxi in. It takes about 40 minutes but you see practically the whole whole city and can step of at Piazza San Marco.

Water taxi from airport to Venice

Water taxi from airport to Venice

Saint Mark's Square from Water TaxiIf you are feeling rich, or at least want to seize the moment, sit outside and watch the world go by…

A few photos to whet (no pun intended) your appetite…


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