Presenting our range of flavoured salt

Himalayan Salt Block

Salmon and Squid cooked on a Himalayan Salt Block

We are very proud to announce our new range of luxury flavoured salts.

We have the opportunity of offering a whole selection of flavoured salts, which can be used to add flavour and decoration to every dish.
The range goes from Himalayan Pink Salt, which is a healthy alternative to regular table salt, to Black Velvet which is a salt produced by faithfully following an ancient Sicilian recipe, mixing sea salt with black squid ink.
The salts can be purchased individually or can be bought in a selection pack, ideally suited to meat or fish dishes.
For the more adventurous chefs why not try our Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks. The salt block is the ideal party piece as you heat the block and then cook meat or fish directly at the table. Your dinner guests can cook their food to their taste and it is guaranteed to be a conversational piece. The salt block can also be used as a serving platter for cold dishes such as sushi. Each block is individually hand mined and appears more like a block of marble than salt.
Please click here to view our selection of luxury salts.


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