A day harvesting grapes with Botrugno…

Sergio Botrugno kindly invited us to see the grape harvest which takes place every year in September.  His team of workers start hand picking the grapes before dawn and finish at 11:30, we arrived at 8am…

The grapes are carefully selected, placed into containers and are then loaded onto a small tractor. They are then immediately placed into a truck and then taken straight back to the winery to ensure that they are processed as quickly as possible.

Sergio and his family check every aspect of the harvest to ensure that the grapes are of the best quality. Botrugno’s vines contain a whole selection of grapes ranging from Negroamaro to Susmaiello to Malvasia. Each grape has its own unique taste a flavour…

The finished wines range from Patrunu Po’, a 100% Primitivo, to Vignia Lobina Salento, a full bodied Negroamaro, to Seno di Ponente a rosato wine.

As the harvest is underway Botrugno’s Novello wine will soon be available and will be a good indication of what to expect from this year’s harvest. Definitely one to try….


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