About Us

We are a family run business based in San Vito dei Normanni, a small town just 20km from Brindisi and 10km from the Adriatic coast.

The story starts in the 1950s, when in the South of Italy there was a shortage of work. Vincenzo Carlucci decided to leave the South in search of work and had the choice of going to Belgium or the UK. He opted for the UK. At the time there was a shortage of manual labour and in order to enter the country he had to work in the coal mines for 3 years in Wales. He sent for his wife Maria and they eventually settled in Reading where they had two children. The eldest Mike married and also had two children. His eldest Vincent, named after Vincenzo as is Italian tradition, after university decided to move to Puglia, he was joined by his younger brother Nick and then by parents Mike and Sue, completing the return to Puglia Vincenzo had dreamed of…

Our company started providing translation services for people looking to buy property in the area and as time has gone by we have provided restoration work on villas as well as building from scratch.

Puglia Shop Online is our opportunity to provide products from the area, many of which are unkown outside of Puglia, to people from around the world. This includes Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fine Wines, many types of Pasta and Traditional cakes and biscuits and much more…

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