If you have ever been to Puglia, or Italy in general, then you will know that a typical meal is made up of a first course, a main course and prior to either an Antipasto. The Antipasto is generally a selection of local produce use as a started and is the perfect way to capture the flavour of the region you are in. Puglia has historically been a poor region, however this has led to the an incredible level of adaptability… People would make the most of what they had and vegetables were grown and were an essential source of nurishment, and were turned into a delicacy. A typical Antipasto in Puglia will feature a variety of vegetables including; peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes and many more.

Asparagi della Nonna – Grandmother’s Asparagus

The asparagus is picked and within 48 hours they are put into a mix of hot water, white wine vinegar, garlic and natural flavour aromas. This mix not only provides an added taste to the fresh asparagus but with the sesame seed oil allows the asparagus to be stored for long periods. After opening, the jar should be kept in the fridge and add sesame seed oil to maintain the level above the asparagus.

Involtini di Melanzane – Aubergine Wrap

These carefully selected aubergines are a delicious Antipasta, which will keep you coming back for more. The aubergines are wrapped around a filling of tuna, dried tomatoes and capers and stored within a mix of sunflower oil, white wine vinegar and natural flavourings.

Corciofi con Gambo – Whole Artichokes with Stem

This truly is a speciality and the artichokes have been carefully selected, as only the artichokes from the first harvest can be prepared and served with the stem. The taste and visual effect of having the whole artichoke with the stem is what makes this line of antipasta unique. As the harvest continues the stem becomes firmer and is not suitable for serving in this way. The artichokes are prepared in a mixture of natural aromas, white wine vinegar and sunflower oil. The Corciofi con Gambo make an instant impact as an Antipasta or as a side dish to your main meal.

Carciofi alla brace – Grilled Artichokes

Artichokes are one of Puglia’s most successfully produced vegetables. The artichokes are picked and carefully inspected, with particular attention being paid to the fruit and the leaves. They are then grilled, placed in a mixture of natural flavourings, sunflower oil and white wine vinegar.  The mix is then placed into the jar, all within 12 hours of being harvested. The finer details of the exact mix and process are kept a closely guarded secret to protect the unique flavour of the product.

Paté di Carciofi – Artichoke paté

This cream paté is made from fresh artichokes and is stored with a mix of sunflower oil, a touch of salt and white wine vinegar. The paté is perfect to be served on bread or toast as a starter or with seasoned cheeses. Once opened it should be stored in the fridge with the level of paté always covered in oil.

Peperoncino ripieno con tonno – Chili Baby Peppers Stuffed with Tuna

These chili peppers have been carefully selected, hollowed and filled with a mix of tuna, capers and stored within a mix of sunflower oil and white wine vinegar. The end result is a delicious product, perfect for a starter, which exemplifies the unique flavours of the sea and the earth.

Olive Schiacciate Piccanti – Spicy Crushed Olives

Traditional “La Bella di Cerignola” olives are slightly crushed in order to open them up and allow them to take on the flavours into which they are submersed.
The taste is given to the olives by adding spicy chili peppers and then placing them in a mix of sunflower oil and white wine vinegar. The spicy combination of the chili and the meaty taste of the olives make this a perfect antipasta.

Involtini di Pomodori Secchi – Sun Dried Tomato Wrap

Fresh tomatoes are one of Puglia’s main fruits and are put to a wide variety of uses. In this dish the tomatoes have been dried and then placed in water and white wine vinegar to make them sweeter. The tomatoes are then spiced and are wrapped around a filling of tuna, capers and are then stored within a mix of sunflower oil, white wine vinegar and natural flavourings. The Involtini di pomodori make the perfect addition to any antipasta.

Peperonata a Filetti – Fresh Sliced Peppers

These peppers are harvested and are sealed in their jars within 24 hours of being harvested The peppers are carefully selected to ensure that the sweetest and highest quality peppers go forward to the next stage. The peppery are cleaned, sliced and mixed with fresh local flavours as well as sunflower oil and white wine vinegar. The peppers are ideally suited to serve within an antipasta as well as a side dish to steak or other such meats.

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