Press Trip to Puglia

We are working with a selection of local town councils here in Puglia to promote the area and showcase all that it has to offer. This includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers, following the whole process of producing olive oil with tasting. Award Winning wineries, where grapes are harvested and then magically turned into wine. We will also visit Masseria Mea, Albano Carrisi’s Masseria, one of Italy’s most famous recording artists. We will also hold a cooking course when you can learn to make fresh pasta and then enjoy the fruit of your labour….

The trip is being planned to allow people to discover one of Puglia’s less known areas, just a short drive to the Adriatic and the Ionian coasts. The trip is being organised for October from the 3rd to the 6th.

This press trip is being funded by the Gal – Terra dei Messapi, whose aim is to promote the area.

The trip is open to journalists or people in the olive oil, wine or tourism industry.

For any further information please contact us

Puglia Sea and Countryside

One of the best ways to see the beautiful countryside and sea that Puglia has to offer is to go for a simple bike ride…

We are based in San Vito dei Normanni, just 10km from the Adriatic coast and Torre Guaceto Nature reserve and Specchiolla. A relaxing ride through the countryside to the sea, downhill all the way, with the knowledge that you have to carefully plan the return journey to avoid the worst uphills!

A few photos of the sights to enjoy while in Puglia: