Panettone, an Italian Tradition

As we are nearing Christmas, 5 weeks at the time of writing which is a scary thought, a part from the rush for last minute presents and preparations there are things to look forward to and one example is the return of the Panettone!

Panettone arriving in the shops is one of the main signs that Christmas is just round the corner, being only produced in the couple of months before Christmas. There are many different types of panettone found throughout Italy and here in Puglia it is no different. There is a wide selection ranging from Pandoro, a basic plain golden on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside, to chocolate covered or fruit filled panettone.

Panettone is generally agreed to have originated in Milan at the beginning of the 1900s and the light fluffy inside texture was achieved by raising the dough three times, 20 hours before cooking.

As with all Italian cuisine and regional cuisine there are arguments over which is the best panettone or the most traditional panettone. The truth is that, as with everything, it comes down to individual taste, what you can be sure of is that a panettone is a perfect way to finish a Christmas meal, be it served simply on its own, accompanied by or stuffed with ice cream or my preference served with a light coating of Sambuca…

To purchase a traditional panettone baked by a family owned Pasticceria in Ostuni, Puglia click here. A welcome addition to your Christmas Hampers or just to your Christmas table, Buon Appetito…

Panettone Mandorla VicinoPlease leave comments about your favourite Panettone or the best way you like it served!

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