Riva dei Tessali Golf Tournament

On 11th August 2013 we at Puglia Shop Online sponsored our first golf tournament in Riva dei Tessali Golf Club at Castellaneta Marina.

Riva dei TessaliOver 70 people took part in the competition with us providing the prizes and a buffet in the evening.


We used the buffet and prizes to showcase wine from Botrugno in Brindisi as well as Centrovignali wine. The food which provided the inspiration for the buffet featured antipasti products from La Cerignola di Una Volta, including the famous “La Bella di Cerignola” olives, peppers stuffed with tuna, artichokes and much more.

Preparazioni Buffet

BuffetBuffet 2We would lke to thank the golf club and everybody who works there for helping us make it a special day and we hope that all those who took part, and who were lucky enough to win a hamper had a great time.

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