It’s time for tomatoes…

The other day we were visiting a winery and saw how the grapes were being hand picked and selected… The “donne” (women, even though some are men, all are called donne) start work at 5:30 just as the sun rises… we arrived at about 8!!

Near the winery there was a whole team of “Donne” who were picking tomatoes. This is one of the hardest harvests as under the 30 degree heat you have to bend down and pick pick, pick and pick…

DSC09432 DSC09434 DSC09435  DSC09437 DSC09438 DSC09439 DSC09440 DSC09441 DSC09442 DSC09443 DSC09444 DSC09445 DSC09446 DSC09447 DSC09450 DSC09451We were lucky enough to meet and share a few jokes with everybody….we even met a cousin we hadn’t seen for years and years…


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